Welcome to the IRTF Legacy Archive

The IRTF Legacy Archive hosts IRTF observing data from the 2000B to 2016A semesters. This site is not a manage archived, but a dump of the raw data written to IRTF servers during this period. Since the data was recovered from backup media, not all data taken from 2000 to 2016A may be present. We tried to recover as much data as possible.

The purpose of this site is to provide this raw data to the public as it may be scientifically useful. The data is provided as-is. The IRTF is not providing support or additional documentation for this data.

Data Search

We have identified and indexed the IRTF FITS files, and ignored any duplicate files. This index can be searched on the Search & Download page by semester, date, instrument, and other fields. A download script is generated for the search results.

Data Browsing

Data Browser page provides direct access to the storage volume, where you can browse the file system.

Data Release Poilcy

Please see IRTF Data Release Policy for data 2001A through 2016A, and 2016B & beyond.

IRTF Data Archive at IRSA

NASA/IPAC Infrared Science Archive (IRSA) hosts the IRTF Data Archive for data collected for 2016B semester and beyond. The available data includes:

Contact Anubhav A (anubhav (at) hawaii (dot) edu) for further information or assistance.